BESTedu – What is it?

Today we are launching BESTedu, a new platform for all participants in BEST Robotics. BESTedu is an online repository developed by BEST Robotics that is the new home for all educational resources in the program. The BEST program is designed as an opportunity for all of its participants to learn new things, discovery their passions, and enhance their skills. When I say participants, this is not just the students. Teachers, mentors, volunteers and even parents have a similar opportunity for enhancing their education through participation. BESTedu puts all of the resources you are looking for under one roof. No more hunting for that email giving the link to that recorded webinar that you wanted to re-watch, or that presentation that someone gave. Search for something you are interested in like “programming” or “branding”. Find entire courses on a topic, locate upcoming workshops and webinars, or find a resource you need. Earn points and badges for each lesson and course that you complete. We guarantee that every lesson and every skill taught through BESTedu is a useful addition to your BEST Robotics experience. We hope that you enjoy BESTedu!

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